It is with great disappointment that we must inform you we have made the difficult decision to postpone the CLASSIQ Quest Quantum Hackathon. 

The CLASSIQ QUEST Quantum Hackathon

Join us for the largest online quantum hackathon at the beginning of October, with a $15,000 prize pool!


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The CLASSIQ QUEST at a glance

Classiq is the leading end-to-end quantum software platform enabling the design of quantum algorithms, their optimization and execution on real quantum computers.


CLASSIQ Bootcamp
1 - 7 October

You don't know what a quantum algorithm is?
Haven't used Classiq before?

This bootcamp is exactly for you!
5 days of online bootcamp to transform you into a Classiq expert in no time.

No prior knowledge is needed.


8 - 11 October

A combination of open and well-defined challenges to address over the course of 4 days.

Group with up to 4 members per team
or participate individually.

Let the best Classiq hackers win!

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CLASSIQ Bootcamp

Over the course of five days, we will teach you how to fully exploit Classiq to design, optimize and execute quantum algorithms.

⏰  1-2 hours daily

📅  5 days

🏋  Daily challenge

A total of $3,000 worth of gift cards will be distributed between participants completing all challenges.



Compete with thousands of other hackers in 3 themes, each theme containing one open challenge and one 'closed', well-defined challenge. The prizes for each challenge:

🏆 1st prize $1,500

🥈 2nd prize $700

🥉 3rd prize $300

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Quantum Applications

Quantum computing has signifcant applications in Chemistry, Finance, Material Science, Cyber Security and many other industries. 
We will focus on the use of quantum algorithms for addressing real-life problems from these industries.

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Quantum Utility

Today's quantum computers are noisy and small, but they have the potential to be utilized even nowadays with smart quantum algorithms!
We will focus on quantum algorithms that fully exploit the capabilities of the available quantum computers.

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Quantum Education

Novel quantum algorithms for real-life use cases come from interdisciplinary collaborations and will come from tomorrow's quantum developers, hence intuitive quantum education is necessary.
We will focus on quantum algorithms for educational purposes with intuitive graphics and visualizations.

We Have Answered Almost All Your Questions

Can I participate only in the CLASSIQ QUEST Hackathon?
Yes for sure, you are welcome to join only the CLASSIQ QUEST Hackathon. However, we recommend
checking out the CLASSIQ Bootcamp to improve your chances of winning it. 😜

Can I participate only in the CLASSIQ Bootcamp ?
Yes for sure, you can join only the CLASSIQ Bootcamp. However, after you have completed the bootcamp and mastered Classiq, your chances of winning the CLASSIQ QUEST Hackathon will be higher than ever. 👊

So how many challenges are there in the hackathon? In how many can I participate?
There will be 6 challenges in total, 2 for each theme. You can compete in as many you want (from 1 to 6 😉).

When is the registration deadline?
Until the beginning of the CLASSIQ Bootcamp on October 1st.

How do I know if I got accepted?
Everyone is welcome to join the CLASSIQ QUEST, and once you've registered you'll receive a confirmation email.

How can I find team-mates ?            
You can find and connect with other team members in the vibrant  CLASSIQ Community Slack

Can I start using Classiq before the CLASSIQ QUEST?
For sure! Try it now for free at

Sign up to the CLASSIQ Bootcamp and the CLASSIQ QUEST Hackathon.